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Global Defects Tech Tips Video: Bird Droppings

Bird droppings are an unpleasant but common surprise for our car, given to us from birds! This Global Defect Tech Tip Video is resourceful for refinishers to learn how to handle bird droppings on vehicles. This video guides through the cause, prevention and remedy for bird droppings to learn how to protect cars and prevent this issue from happening.

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Axalta TUF Magazine - Issue 32 Out Now!

An impressive racing car restoration, tips for winter refinishing and celebrations all feature in our July issue of The Ultimate Finish! And with a new financial year upon us, our "coach" Robin Taylor looks at how Budgeting can be used as a key to your bodyshop’s success.

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2023 & Beyond: Trends Shaping Our Industry

Registrations are now OPEN for Axalta's one-day seminar featuring US-based Industry expert, Mike Anderson. This is being held at the Sofitel Broadbeach, Gold Coast on Sunday 21st August 2022. For anyone looking to understand emerging trends in the Industry, learn how to build team culture or just network with other repair professionals, then this “2023 and Beyond” event is for you!

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Paint Defects - Rail Rust Video

Our Tech Tips an overview on what can cause rail dust, how it is formed and what are the possible actions to prevent this issue from happening. At the end of the video also some tips and tricks are given how to fix this phenomenon, once occurred on the vehicle.

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Whatever The Passion, We Have The Coating

In the latest issue of The Ultimate Finish, we shared the unique story of an amazing New Zealand company, Good Vibrations Leisure. They have taken the biking world by storm with their innovative and "sexy" handlebars, using Spies Heckers very own 8045 Clear. We are excited to be apart of the unique and promising journey ahead of them.

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