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A painting overall for real fans



As stylish as a Formula 1 outfit and as practical as a professional painting overall - the Spies Hecker team has come up with something special for all spray gun-wielding Formula 1 fans: the specially designed Formula 1-style painting overall.


With the new overall, refinishers also look good in the spray booth.

“It all started with the photoshoot for the advertising motif for the Permasolid® HS Speed Surfacer 5500,” says Karsten Jürs, Marketing Communications Specialist at Spies Hecker. For the photo, six Spies Hecker technicians were grouped around the Mercedes-Benz Formula 1 racing car in September 2017. They were wearing helmets and the original pit-crew overalls of the Mercedes-Petronas racing team. 

“Six guys painting in these overalls makes quite an impression,” says Jürs. “We then thought: why shouldn’t painting overalls look as cool and as well-cut as the racing outfits?” This is how the idea came about to design a painting overall that combines the design of a Formula 1 racing outfit with the functions of a professional and high-quality painting overall.

A dedicated team of professionals

Jürs first told Werner Hoeger of Wibeco, a company specialising in painters’ workwear, about his idea. Hoeger’s response was enthusiastic. “Hoeger has close links with the Hochschule Niederrhein, University of Applied Sciences, where he has a large network of specialists,” says Jürs. “We were then able to bring his long-term designer Marion Rieß-Glehn on board – a stroke of luck.” Marion, a lecturer in clothing technology was able to help Spies Hecker in two areas. Marion is not only a designer but also knows what needs to be considered when producing workwear.

Jürs also brought on board two technicians from Spies Hecker. “Those who are in the spray booth every day know best the technical and practical requirements for painting overalls,” he says. 

Every detail counts

There were intensive discussions at the working meetings: What design features does the overall need to make it look like a racing outfit? What features make the suit particularly attractive and comfortable for the painters? “We talked about every detail, and there were sometimes even vigorous discussions,” says Jürs laughing. “We tested patterns at our training centre , discussed them again, reworked the models, and so on and so forth: a lot of teamwork, dedication and toil went into designing the suit!”

Lightweight, adjustable and comfortable


The effort paid off: when the suit was presented for the first time at the Spies Hecker Marketing Forum in the spring of 2017, the response was very enthusiastic. The light-weight material, sleek lines, the adjustable back rubber as well as the belt with Velcro fastener, ventilation slits and adjustable fitting ensure that design and wear comfort strike a perfect balance.

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