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Athletic vehicle in a pearl-effect look



Combining off-road capability and performance with style and comfort, the Range Rover's qualities make it the flagship among SUVs, which enjoy such popularity today. This classic vehicle has powered its way onto the market: Now in its fourth model generation, the Range Rover is well received not only by buyers, but by tuning companies as well.

Range_Rover_2 The new front design transforms the Evoque Convertible into a

The new front design transforms the Evoque Convertible into a "muscle-bound athlete".

The Range Rover was revolutionary when it first arrived on the market in 1970. Previously, all-terrain vehicles had been rough-and-ready boxes that offered no comfort whatsoever. But then this beautiful car came along, featuring leather upholstery that made you feel as if you were sitting in a London club — was this really an all-terrain vehicle? Some people suspected it was better suited for the golf course than for the wilderness. But they were wrong. The Range Rover has since proven its off-road qualities time and time again.

Turning a convertible into a muscle-bound athlete
Tuning Range Rovers is a speciality of the Hamann tuning garage in Laupheim, Germany. Hamann features several models on its website, including a white Range Rover Evoque Convertible in a new look: According to Hamann, the powerful front, fender extensions, side skirts, new rims and tuned engine turn the "narrow-chested lightweight into a muscle-bound athlete".


The snow-white, pearl-effect paintwork gives the convertible a special flair.

The Evoque also has a special brilliant white finish, giving it an exceptional look. Hamann entrusts work like this to a specialist in neighbouring Schnürpflingen: the paint shop Demi Lackierfachbetrieb. In its three halls, the company paints vehicles from bikes to buses for private customers and car dealerships. The 30 members of the team certainly have a lot to do: The passenger car department alone completes up to 50 paint finishes a week, and on top of that Demi also does painting work for industry customers.

Motivated by stringent quality standards
Demi has been working together with Hamann for more than 20 years. Owner Erdogan Demirel often speaks to Hamann, applies his expertise and contributes to the colour design of the vehicles from the garage. "Hamann is a demanding customer", he emphasises. "This makes things particularly interesting for us". Demi paints both individual parts and complete vehicles for Hamann. This was also the case with the Evoque Convertible: Demi implemented the pearl-effect paintwork using Permasolid HS Express Surfacer 5250, Permahyd Hi-TEC Base Coat 480 and Permasolid HS Speed Clear Coat 8800 from Spies Hecker. "The convertible is a demonstration vehicle", says Demirel. "So everything has to be right with the paintwork. That's why we use paints from Spies Hecker".

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Top quality is part of the Demi corporate philosophy. The owner's daughter Ebru Demirel takes care of in-house quality assurance and ensures that field service staff from Spies Hecker regularly visit Schnürpflingen to present the latest innovations. The meetings are often about specific projects: "The team from Spies Hecker have often supported us with their expertise".

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