Smart colour mixing with new Spies Hecker Permahyd Hi-TEC Basecoat 480 bottles for automated dosing

Bottles pre-filled with paint for use with Daisy Wheel 3.0

22 November 2021 – Bodyshop refinishers can achieve even faster results with the new pre-filled bottles of Permahyd Hi-TEC Basecoat 480, Spies Hecker’s easy-to-use, waterborne basecoat. There are 95 bottles in total - 68 tints in 500ml bottles and in 27 tints in 1 litre bottles - and they are specifically designed to work in the new Daisy Wheel 3.0 from Fillon Technology. When the bottles are used in combination with Phoenix Cloud, the brand’s digital colour management system, bodyshops benefit from the most efficient, fully automated end-to-end colour mixing process, which improves throughput, efficiency and profitability.

Integrating fully automated mixing to the process is simple: refinishers determine the colour and effect with the ColorDialog Phoenix spectrophotometer, and identify the right colour match in Phoenix, the Spies Hecker cloud-based colour database. From there, refinishers simply send the formula to the control screen of their Daisy Wheel 3.0, which automatically doses and mixes the formula in the required quantity at a touch of a button. This enables refinishers to be free to attend to other activities, improving the overall workflow of a bodyshop.

Tony Mitchell, International Training Leader for Axalta’s Refinish business in Europe, Middle East and Africa, says, “We are always looking for innovative ways to help our bodyshops achieve faster, more efficient repairs. Our new pre-filled bottles of Permahyd Hi-TEC Basecoat 480 are ready-to-place into Daisy Wheel 3.0 to offer fully automatic dosing to the gram. And thanks to the ability to produce even small quantities of paint with 100% accuracy, bodyshops can reduce product waste and ensure they operate at their optimum level of efficiency and profitability.”

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