The faster way to precise colour mixing

Be Smart and switch to fully automated mixing.

Process reliability and efficiency are key factors for successful bodyshops. When it comes to speed and accuracy in colour matching, 100% digital colour management with the Phoenix Cloud delivers a flexible solution for refinishers. Now Spies Hecker is going one step further by optimising the processes in the mixing room with a fully automatic mixing system. The highlight: the new Daisy Wheel 3.0 dosing system is pre-loaded with ready-to-use Permahyd Hi-TEC 480 basecoats in bottles and takes care of the mixing process 100 % automatically. This eliminates a time-consuming step for the refinisher, who can use the time saved for more profitable repair tasks. The mixing machine is connected to the Phoenix colour software and, thanks to computer-controlled dosing, the colour formulas are accurate and mixed to the gram. The result: a perfectly mixed paint, faster and at the same time, a more efficient process in the bodyshop!



Smart savers

Time saver

A refinisher can spend the time saved on mixing doing more profitable tasks. Together with the fast drying products from Spies Hecker the time each repair spends in the spray booth can be minimised.

Space saver

The Daisy Wheel’s compact size allows it to fit easily into any bodyshop. With an ATEX and a NON-ATEX version of the Daisy Wheel it will always find a space.

Sustainable choice

Dosing with the new generation Daisy Wheel is now up to 30% faster*. Plus, the consistency and accuracy of the mixed colour is always perfect. Mixing smaller volumes accurately, e.g. for sprayouts and spot repairs is just as accurate.

* Compared to the previous Daisy Wheel generation.

A greener solution

Exactly dosed waterbased mixing tints and being able to mix even very small quantities of any repair formula reduces material waste and saves money too.

Full Control

Closed system and user safety

Spies Hecker’s Permahyd Hi-TEC 480 waterborne basecoat is delivered in ready-filled bottles that can be easily replaced. Every bottle is scanned, and the paint level is monitored. A unique cleaning concept using a minimum of detergent keeps the dosing valves clean for precise dosing.

Daisy Wheel 3.0 at a glance


OEM / Supplier Fillon Technologies
Size (H x L x D cm) 195 x 120 x 70 cm
Connectivity Phoenix Cloud
Internet connection LAN
Pre-filled mixing tint bottles Permahyd Hi-TEC 480 mixing tints
Bottle sizes 500 ml / 1 litre bottles
Paint homogenisation Automated Soft Mixing modus
Mixing quantity 2 liter
Disposable cup detection Yes
Cleaning Automatic


Designed by the specialists in precision paint mixing

The new generation fully automated Daisy Wheel dosing system is made in Europe by Fillon Technologies – a leading name in precision paint mixing systems. Bodyshops can count on this latest version to optimise their efficiency.

Spies Hecker: supporting the bodyshop of the future

To truly maximise the business and environmental benefits bodyshops can use the Daisy Wheel system alongside Spies Hecker’s Speed-TEC product family and connect it to the 100% digital Phoenix Colour Management system. Spies Hecker is committed to supporting customer bodyshops with modern, process-oriented product systems and technologies to make them fit for the future.

Contact us to discover how this new Daisy Wheel dosing system can shake up your paintshop.