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Permafleet® Industry

The solution for industrial coating.

The hi-tech choice for optimal results.

More and more bodyshops include painting of industrial objects in their services. The requirements for this are varied, ranging from coating different substrates to requests for certain degrees of gloss or effects.

ThePermafleet® Industry system adapts flexibly to the specific application and makes do with a limited range of products.

Permafleet®  Industry is a modular system.

If you already use the Permafleet® commercial vehicle mixing system, you will find it even easier, as the Permafleet® Industry mixing system is based on it. With just a few extra Permafleet® Industry mixing concentrates plus ten binders and the associated hardeners, you have everything you need to give industrial objects high-quality, value-enhancing coatings.

A perfect match for many substrates.


• Steel
• Zinc
• Aluminium
• Coated or precoated surfaces, e.g. coil coatings, powder coatings
• Wood
• Mineral substrates, e.g. concrete, roof tiles, floor/wall tiles
• Copper/brass
• Plastics


A perfect match for many applications.

·  Cabinets
·  Shelves
·  Ladders
·  Letterboxes
·  Sunbeds
·  Pipes
·  Furniture
·  Agricultural equipment
·  Floors
·  Containers
·  Dispensers
·  Crates
·  Steel elements
·  Cycles
·  Diggers
·  Bulldozers
·  Electronic accessories
·  Tools

…and many more.

Identify colours the easy way.

Gloss and texture fans.

Get a rapid impression of the varied degrees of gloss and effects possible with Permafleet Industry.

Truck colour documentation.

Find the matching reference colour from the commercial vehicle sector.

Digital colour measurement.

If you often have to look for unfamiliar colours, you get extra help with the spectrophotometer ColorDialog in combination with the web-based software Phoenix.

Access for our Industry customers:

Phoenix Permafleet Industry