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Simplify inventory management with StockControl

A single, simple tool to manage every item of your inventory.

Manage paint and non-paint inventory using a single cloud-based tool – StockControl. With virtually automatic stock replenishment, it saves you time, effort and money by streamlining the entire ordering and stocking process.


Simplified stock handling

Each item of incoming inventory is either scanned or automatically checked in. It’s scanned again when removed and automatically reordered if necessary. In this way, stocks of all paint products and consumables are always optimised.


Enhanced monitoring

By monitoring consumption and controlling stock levels in real time on the always up-to-date dashboard, you can efficiently manage every item in your inventory – even across multiple warehouses.


Improved profitability

Reduce your capital investment by carrying less inventory. And, thanks to reduced process times, you can focus your efforts on more profitable activities.


Fast ROI

With the efficiencies generated, StockControl typically pays for itself within a short time!



How it works

  1. New stock is either scanned in using a barcode reader or automatically checked in by the system.
  2. As each item is used, it is scanned out or checked out by the system.
  3. At any time, you can see precise stock levels as well as usage patterns, e.g. per worker.
  4. When stocks of an item reach a pre-determined level, an order list is automatically created.
  5. Order lists are checked before being sent by email to suppliers so they can be delivered in good time – and stock levels can be constantly maintained.

0.5 hr/wk

Time spent
on controlling inventory


0.25 hr/wk

Time spent
listing all products needed for reorder


0.25 hr/wk

Time spent
making orders with suppliers

This alone saves you a whole hour of your precious time. What could you do with that extra hour each week?
Contact your Spies Hecker representative today. There’s not a moment to lose!


StockControl key features


Save time



Scan & go

Use any commercially available barcode scanner to scan items in and out. You can also create your own barcodes and catalogues to tailor the system precisely to your needs. Alternatively, check and received delivered items on screen.

Automatic order list generation

Instead of manually creating order lists yourself, StockControl does it for you automatically. Check, amend or add items before they are sent direct to your suppliers for fast shipment.

Always up-to-date dashboard

The clear, easy-to-understand dashboard is always up to date so you can have a precise, realtime overview of all products and consumables in your inventory at all times. Use it to monitor orders or check order histories and see delivery status on open orders.


Save money


One system does it all
StockControl can manage all stock – both paint and non-paint items. It can also cover multiple warehouses simultaneously, giving you a complete overview from a single screen. No need for separate systems at each location. Even if warehouses have different cost centres and shipping addresses, StockControl keeps on top of everything.

Cost-effective subscription
Pay for StockControl with a small monthly subscription. This way, you always have the latest version automatically. Typically, the system pays for itself within 4 weeks time, thanks to the efficiencies generated.

Useful statistics & KPIs
Statistics at item level and a range of KPIs help you assess usage patterns so you can optimise consumption.

Expiry date tracker
Keep track of expiry dates – especially for rarely used materials – to avoid unnecessary wastage.


Save your energy

Technology you can trust
StockControl is based on technology developed by Axalta – one of the world’s biggest names in automotive paint. That means it’s tech you can trust – and know that it’s been designed specifically for the automotive industry and bodyshops of all sizes.

Nothing to install
StockControl is cloud-based so there’s nothing to install. That also means that you always automatically have the latest version without ever having to update your system. In addition, the cloud-based system means you can access the information from anywhere using any internet-enabled device (e.g. computer, tablet, mobile).


Get started with

StockControl today.